All-New Podcast: Mos Eisley Comic Port!


I’m so excited to announce the premiere of my brand new podcast, made especially for fans of the Star Wars comics!

On Friday, March 27th, MOS EISLEY COMIC PORT will premiere on iTunes and tumblr! I’ll be posting links the moment the show goes live.

I decided to create this podcast because I am a huge comic fan. I grew up primarily on Star Wars and Batman titles, so when Marvel announced their new (and growing) line-up of titles, I was overjoyed. While I have a ton of friends who read the comics, it’s hard to get together and really discuss it.

Since nobody uses AIM chats anymore (thank goodness), I decided to invite a few friends every week to chat in-depth about the latest releases, speculate on what’s to come, and reminisce about the titles we grew up with. Such was the beginning of Mos Eisley Comic Port.

Thanks to the help of my twitter friends, I decided on a name and here we are, today.

Hope you’ll be around for the premiere on Friday! ‘Til then, you can follow the podcast on twitter and check out the tumblr blog, too.

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  1. So exciting! Love all the new fun Star Wars hype. If I don’t read the comics would I still know what’s up on the podcast?

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