ANNOUNCING: Treasure in the Core — The Comic Series!


A cargo pilot with a past worth hiding is tasked with a special delivery in order to save her job. Can an ex-pirate dodge her bounty while simultaneously protecting a precious A.I. and smuggling the most talked-about Prince in the universe?



Captain Cordero (with VAI Headset) Concept by Melissa Somerville

Treasure in the Core has been a long-developing story that I’ve annoyed folks with for a while now. After a year of fooling around with this story and a few months of practice, I’ve finally decided to tell the tale of Captain Cordero in the format I originally wanted to: as a comic. Written and (unfortunately) drawn by me, this webtoon-style story will release every Wednesday at 7 AM PT, starting on July 19th (aka the morning of “preview night” at San Diego Comic Con).

Writing comics has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but never felt I had the artistic skills to accomplish on my own. I’m a writer first, but one of the mantras that I’ve always heard repeated by the best artists I know is that practicing every day (like any skill) will help you grow fast. While my art my not be the best, I don’t want to wait any longer to tell my story, especially when comics are revolutionizing themselves for the modern reader.

Webtoons are slightly shorter-format comics that originally found life

Olive Concept by Melissa Somerville

in Korea and Japan, and exploded from there. Readers can subscribe to them just like any other comic reader app, and follow along on mobile as well as desktop thanks to the easy, scrollable format. With limited time and limited art skills, I’ve decided that this is the best way that I can tell this story while managing my time (and a podcast that I still need to launch)!

Treasure in the Core will be published exclusively on LINE Webtoons, and can be read on the app as well as in desktop format, for free.

You can check out a preview of the first chapter on LINE Webtoons right here. See you on the 19th!

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