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Artist Spotlight: Rhapsody Artajo’s Big Fig Wonder Woman Repaint


If you’ve been on the West Coast convention scene long enough, you’ve probably come across something Rhapsody Artajo has done. From the Club Cosplay stage to the streets of Downtown Disney, Artajo has proven herself a charismatic entertainer, skilled cosplayer, and all around really neat person. So, when she uploaded a gallery featuring this awesome repaint to her Facebook page, I knew that I had to feature it. Lo and behold, this blog now does artist spotlights, and the first one features everyone’s favorite superheroine right now.

The project started with a JAKKS Pacific 19″ Wonder Woman Big Fig equipped with her coat and lasso. Artajo turned this simple figurine into a reimagining of Diana in the thick of No Man’s Land, or directly after the battle, when she has her photograph taken with her compatriots. Artajo says that the project took about six hours, completed over two days.

Anyway, enough talk — check out the gallery below, and follow Rhapsody on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more of her work. This figurine IS up for sale, by the way, so get her before she’s gone!

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