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  • I really don’t like what DC decided to do with their Black Canary and Batgirl characters. I could complain a lot about it, but the internet has tons of angry nerds.

    Instead I will say this is really good music. If you like Metric, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and bands of that caliber, this is the kind of thing you will be into. It would fit right in on the Scott Pilgrim sound track, and that was a great collection.

    Rock on and keep doing your musical thing. My only complaint is that the drums sound either like a cheap digital set or that they are being filtered to make them sound that way. You have the talent, and you seem to have great taste (something many “musicians” these days lack), so let’s hear it and let those drums roar!

    Can’t compliment you enough on these two tracks. Great job.

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