Journey to Galaxy’s Edge: Crafting A ‘Datapad’ for a Trip to Batuu


It’s always Star Wars that somehow gets me to dust off this blog and do something fun. With only a few days until the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in Anaheim, crafty folks have started a new trend and I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself.

The last time I was crafty was in girl scouts, but I had a model kit handy along with some plastic-friendly spray paint and plenty of superglue. While military model kit parts had been recommended, I had a cheap-as-free Gundam kit at my disposal and decided to get a little weird with it. My objective was to make my ‘datapad’ look like something scrapped together, with exposed wires – messy, like the Falcon’s wiring. I chronicled the full process on Instagram, but here are some quick ones from Twitter:

And the finished product…

Model kits of WWII-era tanks are pretty easy to come by in thrift stores, so all you’ll need are some pieces, a little creativity, glue, and paint. Check out Johnamarie’s great round-up of posts from Twitter for more resources and ideas!

Check back here this weekend for a blog post about Galaxy’s Edge on Opening Day.

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