Book Review: The Corridor by A.N. Lewis


As of late, my interests in almost every form of media – whether it be cinema, video games, comic books, or novels – have floated around the realms of science fiction, space operas, and futuristic fantasy. The genres were among my favorites as a child, and I’ve had something of a reawakening over the past year. When The Corridor hit on my radar, I think I felt the same way anyone over the age of 25 does when they decide to pick up a young adult book: is this even allowed?

I can say now that I’m extremely pleased about not giving in to those hesitant thoughts. The Corridor is a fun, immersive sci-fi thriller with characters that don’t follow along with the chalky tropes of YA fiction, and it was a refreshing surprise amidst the usual post-apocalyptic teen heroine narratives. Not that I dislike heroines — you know me — but there was certainly something different about this one.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 3.21.23 PMEstele (or just Stel), our main character, is no predictable savior-slash-warrior girl. She thinks rationally, and reacts in ways that an average person would in her extreme situations. Her kindness isn’t overplayed to the point where melodic harps play in the distance when you read about it, and her flaws are actual flaws that make her unlikeable in certain ways until she matures through them. I loved getting into Stel’s head and understanding someone who was written like a real person, in circumstances that are currently impossible to imagine.

As for the actual aspect of sci-fi, I truly enjoyed the world that author A.N. Willis created for her characters to brave. This book would be a wonderful starter for any YA lovers who haven’t really dipped their toes into scifi; the worlds and settings can be haunting or beautiful to imagine, and the language used to describe them isn’t filled with too much technobabble.

I’m actually excited to see what’s in store for Book 2 of this new series, and I highly recommend giving it a read.

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