Excitables: Bioworld x Rogue One Winter 2016 Collection

The wonderful thing about being a Star Wars fan is that the community is so vast that no matter where you land, you’re going to find someone doing something of interest to you. Whether it’s theorizing on Twitter, collecting Topps … Continue reading “Excitables: Bioworld x Rogue One Winter 2016 Collection”


SDCC 2016: 6 Twitter Feeds to Follow During the Con

Welcome to the Monday before Comic Con International: San Diego! Are you constantly panicking about potentially having forgotten something or not completed a deadline before the con? That’s cool. All of us are. Heck, I’m taking it pretty easy this year … Continue reading “SDCC 2016: 6 Twitter Feeds to Follow During the Con”

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SDCC 2016: 5 Apps For Summer Con Survival

Here it is, folks: June. With the thick layer of unexpected heat comes California’s massive summer con season, which includes hits like San Diego Comic Con, Anime Expo, ColossalCon, and many more. With busy days and varying schedules, the average con … Continue reading “SDCC 2016: 5 Apps For Summer Con Survival”


Review: Passion Planner (2016 Limited Edition Paradise Blue)

When I made the choice to become an independent freelancer, I knew that I was going to need to work on how I handled time. In the weeks leading up to my last day at my full-time job, I was … Continue reading “Review: Passion Planner (2016 Limited Edition Paradise Blue)”

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Black Canary’s First EP Is An Electro-Punk Road Trip In The Dark

And your bird can sing.   We love getting lost in fantasy.  It’s a broad statement that might call for a few research studies, but a quick glance at the world today reveals an audience that loves immersive experiences.  From … Continue reading “Black Canary’s First EP Is An Electro-Punk Road Trip In The Dark”


Alpaca World – Review & Walkthrough!

Alpaca World is an adorable mobile game that has taken over my life! Since everyone seems to love my mobile game reviews on my blog (http://ohcatrina.com) I decided to do this one as a vlog! If you’re looking for more … Continue reading “Alpaca World – Review & Walkthrough!”

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Webseries Spotlight: Future Girl!

For a while, I’ve been involved with and observing the rapidly growing new media space, eagerly seeking out webseries projects by new creators with fresh ideas. YouTube, Vimeo, and other social video networks have empowered a wonderful and diverse new generation … Continue reading “Webseries Spotlight: Future Girl!”


Review: Ultrasabers Aeon LE V2!

After one massive lightsaber fight, six conventions, a lightsaber class, and several months of ownership, I review my first-ever purchase from Ultrasabers!   If you’re interested in getting one of your own, check out their site. I’m wearing the Jedi … Continue reading “Review: Ultrasabers Aeon LE V2!”