Artist Spotlight: Rhapsody Artajo’s Big Fig Wonder Woman Repaint

If you’ve been on the West Coast convention scene long enough, you’ve probably come across something Rhapsody Artajo has done. From the Club Cosplay stage to the streets of Downtown Disney, Artajo has proven herself a charismatic entertainer, skilled cosplayer, and all around really neat person. So, when she uploaded a gallery featuring this awesome repaint to her Facebook page, I knew that I had to feature it. Lo and behold, this blog now does artist spotlights, and the first one features everyone’s favorite superheroine right now.

The project started with a JAKKS Pacific 19″ Wonder Woman Big Fig equipped with her coat and lasso. Artajo turned this simple figurine into a reimagining of Diana in the thick of No Man’s Land, or directly after the battle, when she has her photograph taken with her compatriots. Artajo says that the project took about six hours, completed over two days.

Anyway, enough talk — check out the gallery below, and follow Rhapsody on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more of her work. This figurine IS up for sale, by the way, so get her before she’s gone!

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Black Canary’s First EP Is An Electro-Punk Road Trip In The Dark

And your bird can sing.


We love getting lost in fantasy.  It’s a broad statement that might call for a few research studies, but a quick glance at the world today reveals an audience that loves immersive experiences.  From the early viral campaigns of Batman Begins to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Star Wars extension of Disney’s theme parks, fans are constantly searching for ways to become part of their favorite stories.  While Black Canary’s first ever EP isn’t exactly a theme park, it does take the listener far away, scaling the tall currents of electronic synths and classic punk vocals, with a group of renegades on their way to spray-paint the neon suite at the top.

The EP takes you on a ride with thrilling switches in beat, with the brassy, nostalgic Siouxsie-esque lead vocals at the steering wheel.  The band almost exists as the Gorillaz did: with a storyline that revolves around Black Canary herself, a supervigilante with a kick-ass rock band and a team of creative minds brewing the lyrics, music, and mix. Brenden Fletcher, who currently writes the comic series, teamed up with the likes of vocalist Michelle Bensimon (of Caveboy), Joseph Donovan (Recievers), and a team of songwriters that includes Daniel Ash, David J, Kevin Haskins and Peter Murphy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.55.29 PM

Black Canary as a character is not new to comics, or even TV, for that matter.  The character currently plays a major role in The CW’s Arrow, and her popularity in both incarnations on the show has brought in an even larger comic fanbase for the beloved blonde butt-kicker.  Having served several roles in her lifespan as a character, Fletcher’s Dinah Lance is a woman on a journey to reinvent herself in the face of a dark past, but this often beaten-into-the-ground trope is radically different from the way that the rather messy New 52 stories attempted to tie it all together. For these reasons, Dinah’s involvement and leadership of a punk rock group on the gritty streets of her city fits directly into her plotline, woven expertly by Fletcher.


Meant to coincide with the release of the first volume, Black Canary’s EP is dreamy and haunting, dark and light — not unlike the heroine herself.  Each song guides you through a different scene, opening with it’s strongest song (“Fish Out Of Water”, with a fast-paced, out of this world melody), simmering the listener down with an emotional confession (“Old World”), and speeding up unpredictably in “The Man With The X-Ray Eyes”. 

But what makes the album special, certainly, is the sense of true immersion.  The listener is plugged into the world of Black Canary and for these moments, the sarcastic siren is singing.  There are a few other fan-made projects similar to the album, and they’re great, but having an actual EP in a somewhat official manner is what really brings you in.  Mix that with the fact that the album itself is wildly enjoyable, and you’ve got yourself a decent ten minutes to listen to some good music.

For only $3.50, the EP is a steal. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to listen to your favorite superhero jam out with a nod to Metric and Sleater-Kinney, then this is the album for you.  Pick up the first volume of the comic, while you’re at it.

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Alpaca World – Review & Walkthrough!

Alpaca World is an adorable mobile game that has taken over my life! Since everyone seems to love my mobile game reviews on my blog ( I decided to do this one as a vlog!

If you’re looking for more info on the game, check the wiki!…

Music ⓒ – Kevin MacLeod

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Review: Ultrasabers Aeon LE V2!

After one massive lightsaber fight, six conventions, a lightsaber class, and several months of ownership, I review my first-ever purchase from Ultrasabers!


If you’re interested in getting one of your own, check out their site.

I’m wearing the Jedi Cowl Dress from WeLoveFine!

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Review: The Perfect Weapon by Delilah S. Dawson (Spoiler-Free)

The latest string of Star Wars short stories — three within the ‘Aliens’ collection, and this short story by Deilah S. Dawson — focus on a handful of supporting characters that are set to appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While their roles in the film remain a mystery, the saga’s masterminds have skillfully revived a tradition established in the early days of the former Expanded Universe (now known as Legends): filling in the gaps with mountains of backstory that make even the slightest background character into someone interesting and real.


In The Perfect Weapon, bounty hunter Bazine Netal takes center stage with an incredible heist and a sense of wit as sharp as any weapon. At first, Bazine seems to fit within the same sleeve as the legendary Asajj Ventress, a former Sith acolyte turned bounty hunter whose tragic, beautiful story started in The Clone Wars and continued in the pages of Christie Golden’s Dark Disciple (released this past summer). But Bazine is different — despite her own fiery pride, the assassin takes on her missions with a constant physical reminder of what happens when one does indeed get too cocky.

Netal’s adventure opens the character up in an honest manner, and she’s given time to show off who she is in order reveal secrets to the reader that one might not have guessed when they first saw her in the trailer for The Force Awakens.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.00.37 PM

Dawson, known for artfully crafted dark romances and the supernatural, does an incredible job of fleshing out a complicated woman within less than sixty pages of story. Bazine’s vulnerability does not reduce her to a doe-eyed inner child so that readers are forced to feel sympathy for. Her rough upbringing is looked at through the honest, no-nonsense lens of Bazine herself.

Bazine Netal is an extremely enjoyable new addition to the canon, and almost every bit of her outward appearance is explained. From the caps that cover her skull to the massive heels that seem so deceptively difficult to run in (for Bazine, that’s the point — but there’s a lot more to it than just the element of surprise), every part of her is a believable and refreshing definition of this new character.

For a one-shot adventure, the story packs a punch without desperately trying to make too many direct connections to The Force Awakens. From start to finish, this is Bazine’s story, so it rarely points and grins at the seventh installment to the blockbuster saga; instead, we’re given more of what the new expanded canon is in a most direct sense — a look at that galaxy far, far away at certain points in it’s history that focus on the many people, creatures and droids that make it so massive.

Get your copy of this ebook — only $2 — right here.

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