Gift Guide: Nerdy Gifts Under $20


Despite the mainstream hype, shopping for the geek in your life can be challenging. Last year, I threw together something of a rushed list, primarily because I was shopping for the fandom-obsessed lovelies in my life. But this year, I’ve decided to create a slightly more specific list, in order to help you knock out that Secret Santa or get something special for your nerdy someone.

I’ve also included DIY bonus ideas at the bottom of this post, so scroll down to save some moolah. :)


For the music fan looking to get into comics…


  Nowhere Men –  $6-$10

 Nowhere Men introduces readers to a world where scientists reach the stardom of Rock n’ Roll legends, and creepy experiements go wrong – all the time. This dramatic and awesome comic is chock full of classic rock references and science fiction goodness.


For the  bat-tastic…


Hologram Bat Ring – $10

This sweet ring is made for the Batfamily-obsessed comic fan in your life. I personally dig it because it’s not only Batman, but also seems to recall the crazy patterns of Marty McFly Jr’s hat from Back to the Future.

For the new phone…


COMKES Galaxy Phone Case  $6.99 

A phone case for the scientist, galaxy print fanatic, or sci-fi fan. I personally own one for my phone, and it is amazing —  it’s got an awesome velvety feel and doesn’t chip or scratch very easily. My experience with COMKES has been great (super quick shipping, careful packaging) so I recommend this to anyone who needs a new case! It comes for iPhone 4/4s, 5/c/s, and the Samsung Galaxy S4.


For the vampire-obsessed…

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – $8.99

An amazing mix of suspense, adventure and not-quite-perfect historical references is a fun read for history buffs and book lovers alike. For those obsessed with vampire lore, this is an absolute must-read.


For the book-lover…

Novel Teas – $12.50

Another good one for your book lover:  tasty tea with  a literary twist! Check out the other lovely assortments from the shop and gift your reader right.


For the comic fan…

Comic Book Frames – $14.99

While buying several of these can get a little pricey, there’s nothing better than framing your favorite issues or covers. Grab one of these for the comic-lover in your life.


For the fandomites…

Geeky Tees! – $6-$12

Check out Day of the Shirt for cheap, well-made tees. I recommend this for those of you buying for our fandom-obsessed comrades — the SuperWhoLocks, the Westeros/Night Watch-aligned, and the 90’s obsessed. These are great little fandom gifts that will definite make them smile!


For the tabletop gamer…

Board Game Apps!  ($2.99 – $9.99)

Let’s face it: board games can get expensive, especially if they’re played on TableTop. Grab Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, or other awesome games from your app store and gift ’em!


Need something fast, easy, impactful, and cheap? Here are a few quick suggestions and links:

Make a BMO Christmas stocking – Adventure Time!
DIY Totoro Plushie!
Make a gorgeous Harry Potter wand out of Chopsticks!
DIY a Dr. Who/TableTop fez!
DIY Shelf tutorial – to store board games, video games, books/dvds and figurines! 

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  1. Some other cool additions to the Geeky Tees option would be, or

    All got a bit of a different approach and couple different shops they present so you might stumble upon a shop or two you never would have found otherwise.

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