How to Achieve Superheroine Confidence without the Cape


Suit up, superheroes: today, we’re talkin’ self-confidence!

It’s been a while since I’ve made an entry, and with not one (Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope), but two (Agent Peggy Carter) of my favorite fictional female role models leaving television tonight, I wanted to write an article based on what they, and other women in fiction, have taught me about being a true superheroine.

So often, I find articles that give advice and pointers on self-confidence in a very generalized sense. It’s hard to find something that speaks to you as an individual, and personally inspires you to actually change or inprove the way you do things in order to make yourself happier. This is not one of those articles – I am writing this for my primary audience, and the audience that I relate to the most: geeky ladies. Granted, anybody who wants to feel as confident as Wonder Woman is totally welcome to take the advice I’m about to give, but I wanted to preface this so that you, my darling reader, understand why I’m doing it this way.

With all that in mind, here are my tips for feeling like a superheroine no matter what you do:

Armor Up! Wear Something Important to You


This can be a watch, a set of earrings, a certain tee or a rubber wrist band, one little item can help you keep your head in the game by serving as a constant reminder that you, in fact, are awesome. It’s pretty easy to incorporate your favorite pieces, but for this tip, I’d like to recommend a “power piece”: a bracelet that reminds you of Wonder Woman’s cuffs, or a dress that you think Rogue might wear – think about your fictional idol, and pick out a piece of jewelry or clothing that will remind you of their endurance as you push forward. My personal favorite reminder comes in the form of nail polish identical to Sailor Neptune’s. These pieces make the hardest days bearable, and remind you that you, too, are a superheroine.

Use the Shoebox Method to Remind Yourself that You are Awesome

anigif_enhanced-buzz-26462-1377140234-10Okay, so maybe the above example is a little extreme (depending on who you are) there are plenty of ways to remind yourself that, in fact, you are not the worst and are actually really great. My method involves saving all of my favorite photos from the past in to one album on my desktop, or on my facebook profile, and sifting through them whenever I’m bummed. Reminders, like moments in time that were precious to you or refreshers about your personal achievements are a great way to show yourself how capable you are.

If you were happy before, or if you did that one huge thing once, then you can do it again. You have the power to stand up to anything stopping you — be it a challenge at work, a difficult test, or the sometimes very terrifying prospect getting out of bed in the morning — but everyone needs a reminder now and then. Put a bunch of memories, photos, or your favorite quotes in to a shoebox (or file), then hide it in your closet (or your phone galleries) to pull up whenever nasty thoughts hold you back.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Great Playlist


If you’re at a loss for inspiration and drive, it’s time to jam out. Whether you’re bouncing in your seat, easing back before the morning kicks off, or in need of a personal recharge, searching for character-inspired playlists is a great way to get your groove back. You can build one yourself, or search music services like Spotify or 8tracks for curated playlists by other fans. Sometimes, one good song is what one needs in order to get back on track. Choose a power ballad based off of your heroine of choice or rock out to songs like Rebel Girl on repeat. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Sometimes, just hearing one good song or a tune that you remember hearing during a badass fight scene (mine is “That Man” by Caro Emerald, which is also a big fight song in Agent Carter) will get your day going, so make sure you’ve got your favorite tunes on hand to walk out of the door with.

Choose Your Motto… Or Several


“Womaaaaan up!” cries Big Hero 6‘s Gogo Tomago as she speeds in to battle against her team’s newest foe. From quick, quirky power mottos to long quotes that impact your life as you read, Superheroines are chock full of speeches that can help you keep your head on straight and power forward. These quotes kind of serve as my makeshift “what would ____ do?” wristband, and are part of my “shoebox” of self confidence boosters.

It really may seem a little cheesy, but for anyone who’s ever felt better after scrolling through a buzzfeed list about self confidence, it’s definitely been proven true every once in a while. Having your favorite heroine’s quote on life and courage can be a real life saver when you’re about to do something big.

Take Some Time to Read an Inspiring Story

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.06.26 PM

From the latest issue of Ms. Marvel to the story of a cancer-defeating toddler named Sophia (who dressed up as Wonder Woman to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy), superheroine inspiration is seemingly everywhere for the everyday fan to pull from. Put your life on pause for ten minutes to read or re-read your favorite stories featuring female role models (or role models and heroes like you) for the sake of getting inspired. Often, superhero stories involve overcoming a struggle central to the main character, both internal and external.

Find a story that reminds you of your current problem, and read it again. I’ve said it before, but if it’s been done in the past, you can accomplish it once more. Not everybody can take on a dragon after single-handedly defeating the Justice League, but Wonder Woman had a huge internal battle to overcome before her final showdown with the dragon in A League of One, and watching her champion those difficulties has helped me greatly in the past.


Regardless of how you do it, I hope that you too can find the confidence you need to take on the world today. Life is very hard, but we’re lucky enough to have both fictional and real life role models to inspire us and help us become another generation of great women to look up to.

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