We’re BACK, with Team Kanan (Catrina Dennis, Johnamarie Macias, and Jeremy Konrad) to talk about — you guessed it — Kanan #4! This emotional chapter is the second to last in this particular arc, so if you think we sound emotional NOW, wait until issue 5. Plus, Catrina reads your thoughts on LANDO #1, and discusses her love for Sassy Lobot.

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Opening Music: Star Wars Cantina Band (Electro Swing Remix) Jesse Rose – Fatman Vs. Noize Tank Remix

Star Wars is property of Disney and Lucasfilm; Star Wars comics are published under Marvel Comics; Star Wars Legends stories were originally published under Dark Horse Comics. This unofficial fan-runpodcast claims no ownership over Star Wars stories or the characters that they feature. 


CATRINA’S NOTE: This week’s episode is a little late again, and I apologize! Next week is the end of moving/conventions/etc. for me, and you can expect regular episodes going forward. 

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