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Remember how I promised I’d be doing a Halloween comic? I’m trying to hold myself to deadlines, so as part of that effort, here’s an official preview for my upcoming one-shot comic, The Afterparty. This comic came about while I was researching for a different story and came across a very interesting tale straight from Chilote mythology. A lot of my efforts this season have been about familiarizing with my Chilean heritage, and doing so through stories is one way that I feel I can “connect” best. Something that stands out about Chilote (and Mapuche) mythology is how the people who believed in it viewed Death and the afterlife, so without giving away too much, this story has to do a lot with overcoming the fear of the end.

Anyway, onto the preview! These pages are mostly finished, though they need a little pilishing up here and there. I plan on this being a longer one-shot comic, and I’m even working on a soundtrack for it that will hopefully sync up to provide even more impactful reading. Thanks for checking it out!

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