OC-tober Day One: Aiden, the Protagonist


I’m making things again! Or, trying to.

It’s been quiet around these parts of the site recently, and in an effort to change that, I’m taking on different prompts and challenges all month to get the old gears turning inside of my head and keep my grubby paws occupied.

SO! Along with Treasure in the Core, I’ll also be doing my best to keep up with OC-tober, with a list concieved by Moosop on Twitter. While the challenge is more geared toward this month’s INKtober challenge for artists, I’m using this list to broaden my output with not only doodles of my characters, but short stories and comics as well.

Today, I bring you Aiden, my first LGBTQ+ character that I made when I was first figuring myself out, and a “Protagonist” of sorts to suit the day’s theme. Aiden had quite a lot to learn about his personal potential, but what he knew for sure was that he’d always be around for his friends and those close to him, even when fate put him to the test. <3 Aiden practiced light magic (if I remember correctly) in a techno-urban plotline concieved by a few friends of mine. Anyway:

I’ll be updating every Sunday until November¬†with a round-up of all the things I create for this, but stay tuned for more updates as soon as they come! I’m going to try and do this daily, but life happens and I might have to catch up on Fridays. :x


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