On learning how to make Comics, and where mine are going in October/November


I make comics now! That’s a thing I do!

In no official capacity, I’ve decided to start putting my stories to paper (or pixel, as it were) in the form of comics and short stories. Treasure in the Core has been a progressive learning experience, and within my time working on the comic over the past couple of months, I’ve been developing more stories to tell within the medium. I am by no means perfect, but with a milestone birthday on the horizon, I decided that the only thing keeping me from doing these things was my own self-doubt and impostor syndrome.

With all of that in mind, readers of Treasure in the Core have been excessively patient with me as the comic published on LINE Webtoon. I have no plans to ever make it a comic that you’ll need to pay to read, and while I think the ‘free’ aspect might be part of what’s letting my delayed uploads slide with my readers, I want to work hard to develop the story to a point where I can publish consistently and with the best possible quality my sadly very mortal talent allows. Both my writing and artistic capabilities are still developing, and I’m thankful for everyone who has supported and provided feedback on my first big outing into the world of publishing my creative work.

That means that Treasure in the Core will be going on temporary hiatus until November 1st, so that I can focus on developing concepts, characters and storylines, while getting scripts and other work knocked out ahead of time. Having this prep time is going to help me finesse the way I publish this comic, but more than anything, it’s going to give me time to get used to drawing these characters and settings efficiently.

Concept Art for Halloween Story – ohcatrina

Along the way, I’ll be sharing concepts, developed bios, and more info on the official Treasure in the Core site — so make sure to check back there often for short stories, character deep-dives and bits of lore that I hope will compliment what I have planned for the comic’s rather motley little cast.

With Treasure off the air, I plan on releasing a one-shot comic to celebrate all things Halloween on October 23rd. While he subject itself isn’t directly Halloween-themed, it does have to do with ghosts and monsters — but what’s most exciting about it is that I’ll be drawing from my Chilean roots to tell this story, which revolves around a haunting sailor’s tale of redemption and a never-ending, seabound party. I am really, really excited for this one!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has given my work a chance this year. Rebuilding after last year’s gigantic creative slump has been a lot of work, but every time I see another read on Treasure, I remind myself that people are giving me an opportunity to tell the world these stories that I keep to myself. It might not be that deep to some people, but to me, it is motivation and reinforcement that writing compelling and weird stories is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thank you!

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