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Well, hello, faithful blog readers! It’s been half a year since I last posted, and for that, I apologize — but I bring good news in the midst of all that absence! Like, tons of it. There are reasons why I’ve been away, and hopefully they’re good enough to justify the lack of public writing I’ve done over the past few months (which I promise won’t continue after this). Those reasons are:


Earlier this year, I accepted the role of Assistant Producer for the post-production phase of Looking for Leia, a docu-series about Star Wars and sci-fi genre fandom history, told by the women who made it all possible. Over the past few months, I’ve been on two weekend shoots with this incredible crew and series creator Dr. Annalise Ophelian. I’ve also had the privilege of guiding the show’s voice on social media, and helping out on the production’s successful second crowdfunding campaign. Along with raising $35,000 to cover post-production costs, Looking for Leia’s campaign also qualified for Seed&Spark’s 100 Days of Optimism and won, alongside a handful of other incredible projects.


I’ve been doing a lot of concept work and planning for Treasure in the Core, which is officially set to come back to life on Friday, picking up right where we left off. The series has about 6 chapters to go until the end of “Volume One” and I can’t wait to introduce you all to the ideas and characters that are coming. Catch up on Webtoons and Tapas, and stay tuned for a makeover of the comic’s official website soon!


I’ve spent a lot of my downtime researching for El Caleuche, the story of a girl who wakes up on a legendary ghost ship, which I’ll be turning into a playable choose-your-own-adventure-style visual novel that I plan to release in October of 2019. Look for the game’s first major details this coming Halloween!


Have you seen me pop up on some of your favorite channels? That’s not a mistake, somehow! I feel so lucky to have been invited to participate in Syfy’s Making of the Legend, as well as guest on Saving Throw’s Tempting Fate and Geek & Sundry’s The Wednesday Club.

I’ve gotten back into writing for my favorite outlets, and by some divine miracle of the Force, Den of Geek sent me to the official Press Day for Solo: A Star Wars Story, where I interviewed Joonas Suotamo and got to tour the Millennium Falcon.

Stay tuned for more original fiction, spec scripts, and more! Without spoiling too much, I am also planning a return to podcasting later this year. If you enjoyed Woman Up! Podcast, you just might like what I have cooking up right now.

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