Catrina has over half a decade of work in entertainment journalism, as well as a background in hosting live broadcasts and events. Her love for all things pop culture (along with a minor at NYU in broadcast journalism) fueled her (still-growing) career as a writer for sites like GamerHub.TV, GameSkinny, and Geek & Sundry. With GamerHub, Catrina served as a content producer and host for various segments on the company’s YouTube channel. Catrina joined the Moviepilot team from 2013-2015 as a senior editor and content creator, interviewing some of the industry’s top talent and writing editorials for Moviepilot’s daily site, as well as it’s quarterly digital magazine. She also served as a panel moderator for the companys various convention talks, and mot notably led a special Q and A session with actor Mark Hamill for an exclusive LA screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service. Catrina’s freelance bylines can be found (some ongoing) on sites like Syfy, Inverse, The Wrap, and Check out Catrina’s hosting reel below:

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