The podcast is officially back from hiatus (and a delay!), and a ton of stuff has happened! (First: go to!) With con season dwindling down, we’ll be back to Tuesday uploads this following week. Today’s episode is a series wrap-up for Princess Leia, with some extremely special guests! Tricia Barr (Co-host of Fangirls Going Rogue, Co-Author of Ultimate Star Wars), Sarah Rodriguez (Author of Agent Carter: Season One Declassified, Co-Host of Woman Up! PodcastAarthi D (Co-Host of Back in the Field), and Kelsey Marquart (Editor-in-Chief of Nerdy But Flirty, StreamFriends Co-Host) chime in with their thoughts on Marvel’s first canon Star Wars miniseries!

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Opening Music: Star Wars Cantina Band (Electro Swing Remix) Jesse Rose – Fatman Vs. Noize Tank Remix

Star Wars is property of Disney and Lucasfilm; Star Wars comics are published under Marvel Comics; Star Wars Legends stories were originally published under Dark Horse Comics. This unofficial fan-runpodcast claims no ownership over Star Wars stories or the characters that they feature. 

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