SDCC 2016: 6 Twitter Feeds to Follow During the Con


Welcome to the Monday before Comic Con International: San Diego! Are you constantly panicking about potentially having forgotten something or not completed a deadline before the con? That’s cool. All of us are. Heck, I’m taking it pretty easy this year and I’m still a mess.

To ease some of your potential anxiety and/or build up your excitement for the weekend, I was originally going to tweet out a quick list of great feeds to follow during the con — but then I realized that each of these Twitter feeds (and the people behind them) bring something very unique to the table, so I’ve decided to jot up a slightly-less-quick list with their specialties and other notes. Here are my top picks for Twitter feeds you should be following by Wednesday of this year’s San Diego Comic Con!

1. Parks and Cons

I have no idea how, but the folks behind @ParksandCons are constantly highlighting events at theme parks, conventions, and events all over the place, and their coverage is awesome. Wanna see pictures of what’s going on around the Gaslamp ahead of the con?  Follow them for early updates and a chance and finding out where all the good swag is.

2. Crazy 4 Comic Con

Tony Kim is @Crazy4ComicCon. He’s constantly engaged with upcoming events at the convention, and heads up a few great panels. Tony knows SDCC inside out because of his well-researched expertise and his knack for making friends with literally every human on the planet.

3.  Hall H Line

These crazy kids are already trekking around the con area for first-looks at this year’s Comic-Con! @HallHLine is part comedy, part informative, and all fun. This account is great for when you’re stuck in any line, really, because they go above and beyond to engage with the folks that follow them.

4. The Nerdy Girlie

Megan Gotch is one of my favorite bloggers on the planet because of her positive attitude and her incredible taste in the visuals that accompany all of her work. Her account, @TheNerdyGirlie, shares helpful blog posts and on-the-go tips for Comic Con. Think of this account as a series of reminders for things you’d otherwise forget and regret later! BONUS: Megan’s annual SDCC Instagram Photo Hunt looks like so much fun.

5. An Englishman in San Diego

@EnglishmanSDCC is exactly what he sounds like: an English guy who really, really, really loves Comic-Con. Leonard hosts A Cup O’ Tea SDCC, a weekly podcast all about Comic-Con, and is constantly updating his followers on special things to check out during the weekend. He’s also hilarious, and a blast to follow.

6. Friends of Comic Con

If you’re looking for seasoned SDCC attendees who can help you out without any old-blood snobbery, @FriendsofCCI is the account to turn to. There’s a constant stream of great tips, news updates, and other helpful things to know about surviving the weekend, so this account is a must-follow if you’re a first timer.

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