Star Wars Celebration VII: Comics Guide + What I’m Up To!


Star Wars Celebration hits Anaheim on Thursday, and the personal mix of excitement-slash-terror that I’m currently feeling is almost indescribable. Today and tomorrow are all I have to finsih up the fine little details, but part of that process was this post, which was originally supposed to be a podcast episode. This is a year to learn, of course!

Either way, I promised you good folks the what’s-what on comic books at Star Wars Celebration. There’s not a lot of comic book love this year, but it’s still a fun line-up. Marvel recently posted their roster, and I’ll be elaborating on that, along with details on where you can find me and get some Mos Eisley Comic Port goodies!


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The line-up of comic book-focused panels is a little short, but promises some amazing news! My top picks, the ones you simply cannot miss out of this list, would have to be “Star Wars Comes Home to Marvel” and “One Big Story”. These panels will give you more insight on where the overall story of Star Wars is going, but almost more exciting is the fact that the Marvel panel will debut two new comic book titles for the coming year. I have no idea what to expect, but given that Princess Leia completely dominated overall comic book sales in March (coming in both 1st AND 5th place for the month), I’m hoping we see more love for the ladies of that galaxy far, far away.

Here’s a complete list of comic-related panels:

STAR WARS Comic Art (Thursday, 4:30 PM, Collectors Stage)
Just one of many authoritative collecting panels throughout the show, STAR WARS comic art collector and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” writer/director David Mandel gives you an expert perspective on collecting original comic art.

One Big Story: Working Within the STAR WARS Canon (Friday, 3:30 PM, Fan Stage)
Last year’s announcement of an interconnected STAR WARS canon means that publishers, including Marvel, are telling stories within an intricately connected galaxy. A full panel of guests includes Marvel’s VP of International Development C.B. Cebulski and editor Jordan D. White.

STAR WARS Comes Home to Marvel (Saturday, 1:00 PM, Behind-The-Scenes Stage)
C.B. Cebulski, Jordan D. White, and Lucasfilm Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle will discuss Marvel’s new STAR WARS series. Fans won’t want to miss this panel that promises not one but two exciting announcements about the future of STAR WARS at Marvel!

The STAR WARS Celebration Tattoo Competition (Sunday, 1:00 PM, Behind-The-Scenes Stage)
Tattoo author Shane Turgeon (“The Force in the Flesh”) and celebrity judge C.B. Cebulski host a Tattoo competition that art and body art fans won’t want to miss.


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If you’re looking to get up-close and personal with your favorite comic creators, make sure to check out the artist alley and autograph signings for the names you want! Alex Ross and several legendary Star Wars comic book artists will be in attendance at the show – in fact, a lot of previous comic artists for the Dark Horse-era comics created beautiful prints exclusively for the show, so make sure to check them out!


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My brand new podcast may be just a youngling, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some goodies! I’ll be livestreaming and livetweeting via my personal account and the show’s twitter, but more importantly, I’ll have candy (!) and special Star Wars goodies for any scoundrel daring enough to answer my perilous trivia questions.

Record a spot on the show with me right there at the con – trivia, memories, or a special Star Wars jam session! Make sure you’re following me and the show so that you don’t miss anything and we can meet up.


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Outside of the usual panels and events, I’ll be attending a some fun gatherings and I’d love to hang out with you! Here are a few:


Podcast Listener Meetup

Where: Hilton Anaheim Lobby/Bar

When: 6:30-8PM!


Skywalking Through Neverland LIVE!

Where: Podcast Stage

When: 2:00 PM

#AhsokaLives Meetup

Where: Fountains

When: 3:00 PM


Fangirls Going Rogue Pajama Party!

Where: Podcast Stage

When: 2:00 PM

#ClubCosplay Star Wars Party

Where: House of Blues, Downtown Disney

When: 9PM


Disneyland Twilight Hours

Where: Disneyland!

When: 4-Midnight

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Again, the best way to find me (and I’d love to kick it!) is through twitter! I hope to see you all there!

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