Episode 17: Lando #2, Star Wars #8, Kanan #5 — Mos Eisley Comicport


The search for a co-host begins in an exceptionally late episode of Mos Eisley Comicport, featuring THREE releases and five incredible guests: Blair Beveridge, Johnamarie Macias, Jeremy Konrad, Saf, and Eric Geller. What will happen to Lobot? Will we ever see Janus Kasmir again? What’s the deal with Sana Solo? Can Leia get any more awesome? All this and more in our brand-new episode!

Looking to co-host? Jet us a message —! Pardon the dust on this episode, and tune in to our next episode on September 8th!


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Star Wars is property of Disney and Lucasfilm; Star Wars comics are published under Marvel Comics; Star Wars Legends stories were originally published under Dark Horse Comics. This unofficial fan-run podcast claims no ownership over Star Wars stories, music, content, or the characters that they feature.

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