Celebrating Rey Day


It’s extremely hard to keep up with internet holidays, even when most of your career has been focused on the ever-changing ways of social media. The entire concept of #ReyDay kind of fell into my lap abruptly, and so I’ve decided to type up this equally abrupt blog post in response.

People love Rey for a lot of reasons. She has a kind heart, she will help others in need without question, and she is strong in the face of people who are conventionally much more powerful. For kids, like my nieces, Rey is exactly what Luke was for kids growing up on the original series — and I think that this ties directly to the way I feel about Rey.

When I see commercials featuring little girls wielding what is widely known as the “Hero Saber” (or the Skywalker Saber, or, for a select passionate few, the Graflex), I flash back to the days when I did the exact same thing. For me, Rey is all of those playtime hours brought to life on the big screen. She may not have the same (weird, poorly concocted but fun all the same) backstories as the characters my friends and I imagined as we chased each other through our apartment complex, but Rey feels like some kind of official stamp of approval in regards to those wild ideas. While little kids don’t need any kind of justification to imagine their way into epic sci-fi sagas, Rey is the nod from Star Wars itself that says, “you can be the hero no matter who you are.”

This #ReyDay, I’m hoping that we continue to see heroes like Rey, Finn, Poe, and Rose in our media, from blockbuster franchises to television and beyond. I’m ecstatic to see how far entertainment has come in just the last few years when it comes to opening up the playing field for all sorts of people to take the lead.

So with a nod and high hopes for our heroine (as she continues what looks like a rocky journey in The Last Jedi), I hope everyone gets their triple-buns tied up and enjoys Rey Day 2017. Here are all of the Rey-centric Forces of Destiny shorts from Season 1 to get you started:

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