Summer 2014 Recap: Leveling Up and Buying a New Coat


In just over a week, I’ll be hopping a plane and returning to New York City for the first time in over three years. I’m so excited. I think about it every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up. It’s like Christmas and a convention at once (and, well, technically, it is for New York Comic Con) because for every ounce of excitement, I’m overcome with a sense of dread thanks to the fact that I have barely begun preparing. I’ve felt lately that there really wasn’t much to this past summer for me, but that’s hardly true. So, in order to prepare myself for the excitement of fall, I wanted to throw together a little recap of everything that happened over the course of this summer. Hit the jump and let’s remember the good times!

I Got a New Job

jay and silent catrina get weird
… and this happened because of it.

Working with Geek & Sundry taught me so much about the industry that I wanted to make a life-long career in, and those lessons led me to a new job as a content creator and team leader at Moviepilot. I’m still getting the hang of the job, but the crew here is great! Honestly, without Moviepilot, half of the things in this post would never have happened (pictured above was a night where the office went to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old). Check out the site if you like writing and meeting other nerds like you, and make sure to say hi to me on Moviepilot too!


E3 Happened A Little Too Fast

I only remembered to take photos at parties. Derp.
I only remembered to take photos at parties. Derp.

I started with Moviepilot just a week before E3 – so, I missed out on a good deal of it. In fact, outside of a few lucky hours near the end of Thursday, I was mainly only around for the nightlife that week. E3 was a strange creature this year. The “console war” had simmered from the year before and more attention was paid to kicking off or furthering franchises. I spent a good deal of my time catching up with friends and colleagues during the evenings, when I would swing by after work. Big highlights of my “E3venings” were Twitch’s lovely event and press dinner, as well as the WIGI Alice in Wonderland party. My daytime was mainly spent wandering the indie demos.


Social Anxiety took a Backseat to my Friends


If there’s anything I felt I missed out on since I first moved to LA in 2011, it’s spending time with the people that I was originally so excited to be living closer to. Along with that, I’ve made a ton of new, awesome friends who all happened to be in town for various events this summer, so I shoved my usual shyness into a corner and really got out there. I don’t regret it at all! It was so wonderful to spend time with the people that I cared about, no matter how much or little it was. I’m definitely going to put the effort in to get out of the house more and kick it with awesome people.

I Launched a Rad Podcast with an Awesome Co-Host

and it goes a little something like this.

Back when Sarah and I were working together, we tossed around ideas for vlogs, podcasts and other ventures that were overly ambitious for our schedules. Despite that, we eventually launched our first podcast, and decided to take a somewhat non-conventional approach to it’s format: we would broadcast it on Twitch, then record it and upload it to YouTube. This past week, we decided to rip the audio and start hosting an audio version of the podcast (next week: mic use!) on iTunes. I’m really excited about the way we’re growing! Our subject matter revolves around geek culture, with a progressive feminist angle. But mostly it’s Sarah and I talking smack about our favorite shows and games. Our podcast was even shown live at the Cloak and Blaster pub in Orlando!


San Diego Comic-Con was Insane… as usual!

10561779_863517006993039_1694568745631173815_nI’ve made more than enough posts about SDCC, but the one thing I’ve learned after going for the past few years is this: you can never predict how your schedule will change at comic-con, especially if you’re working it. I had so much fun this year, and thanks to my line of work, I got to experience some incredible things! Can’t wait for 2015.


Disney Animation Studios is Actually Magical


On another assignment for work, I went to Disney Animation Studios for the first time ever! I’d been around another part of the Disney Burbank campus before, for a screening, but I never really got to check out the animation block. You can practically feel the inspiration when you walk in through the front doors! I’ve already posted my tour here, but I felt like recapping this, because it was such an awesome experience.


Lootcrate Scored Bigtime


Okay… the looters scored big time, but this particular Lootcrate box — Heroes, the follow-up to it’s previous Villains box — was incredible! Along with a special edition glow-in-the-dark Groot, this box came packed with adorable collectibles, game codes, and accessories. The interior of the box also transforms into the living quarters of the TMNT! I loved, loved, loved this box.


I Drank a Lot of Wine in the Back of a Comic Book Store


Meltdown Comics isn’t exactly the most local of comic book stores for me, but I frequent it a lot because of the awesome staff and the amount of cool events that happen in the Nerdist showroom. I ended up there often – for horrible movie night, a signing or two, some improv shows, and most recently Meatball Head, a gallery that was curated to celebrate the launch of Sailor Moon Crystal. If you’re ever in town, make sure to check out Meltdown. They often have great sales, and their staff is awesome.


As I scramble to buy a new coat before my flight takes off (the stress of finding a suitable NYC Fall Coat in Los Angeles is a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, by the way) looking back on these memories makes the future a little less daunting, and more exciting. Cool air and fun memories, here I come!

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  1. Have a ton of fun at NYCC, and post MANY pictures! And stay warm!
    Also glad you guys put Rebel Base on iTunes–just subscribed! :)

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