Announcements Regarding Podcasts and Vlogs for 2016

I’m narrowing down my schedule and committing to some great projects over the next year, including the continuation of Woman Up! Podcast (Live at 8PM PT on Wednesdays – follow here for the show schedule) with Sarah Rodriguez. Woman Up now has it’s own YouTube channel, where we’ll upload our episodes and extra vlogs! I’m also periscoping our pre-show, where Sarah and I brainstorm our ideas and pitch songs at each other before every podcast. Those will upload to my YouTube channel after the show!

I actually get to serve as co-host on a few shows this year, including From a Certain Point of View (weekly uploads here) and Hangin’ With Team Kanan (LIVE on Google Hangouts, Sundays at 10am PST). Comics in the Cantina (formerly Mos Eisley ComicPort) is now a monthly show with a wider focus — we’ll cover the most recent comics, then have a broad topic or guest interview to explore!

Topping off this incredibly unbalanced list of podcasts is #ForceFangirl (LIVE on Periscope every Thursday at 7pm PT), my half-hour block on Parachute TV dedicated to all things from a galaxy far, far away.

I’m still vlogging sporadically on my YouTube channel, primarily documenting my adventures in Los Angeles and talking about comics.

The only bad news here is that I’m indefinitely shutting down Mos Eisley Underground — because with that much on my plate, it’s just a tad too much to run a podcast network at the moment. Luckily for you, my friends at Making Star Wars have just launched an awesome podcast network that you should check out!


Here’s my show schedule:
From a Certain Point of View (weekly)
Comics in the Cantina (monthly)
Hangin’ With Team Kanan (LIVE Sundays at 10am PT)
Woman Up! Podcast (LIVE Wednesdays at 8pm PT)
#ForceFangirl (LIVE Thursdays at 7pm PT)

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It’s a DARTH VADER SPECIAL this week on the show! We discuss Marvel’s Darth Vader #5 with Elaine Tveit (Dork Side of the Force) and Adonis Gonzales (MoviePilot), look back on the best Vader comics, and Catrina gets mushy about what Vader’s journey means to her.


Download the episode by right-clicking here!

Find Elaine on twitter, and check out!

Catch up with Adonis on Moviepilot, and follow him on twitter here.

Follow the podcast on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and e-mail us with your thoughts on the STAR WARS comics: Check out our past episodes here!

Tune in next week for STAR WARS #5, out now!

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Blair Beveridge and Amanda Ward join Catrina to talk about STAR WARS #4, Celebration memories, LANDO, Shattered Empire, and more! Plus, a special clip from the STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 Press conference with Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg! We read off more of your memories, and tons of shootouts to the jerks who showed up sick to Star Wars Celebration. Hosted by Catrina Dennis!


Download the episode by right-clicking here. We’re on iTunes and Soundcloud as well!

Check out all of Catrina’s Celebration Coverage here:

Our guests…

Amanda Ward:

Making Star Wars

Blair Beveridge:

Webisode Watch:

and Blair’s Basic Adventuring 101 Campaign:

Make sure to follow the podcast and get in touch with us to share your thoughts on Star Wars Comics:

Thanks for tuning in!

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KANAN #1 – Mos Eisley Comic Port – Episode 002

Episode 2 has arrived, if a little super-duper late! This episode is all about KANAN #1, with Johnamarie Macias from TheWookieeGunner and Jeremy Konrad from Bleeding Cool! Kelsey Marquart from StreamFriends and Nerdy But Flirty also joins us for a dramatic reading of Princess Leia #1, and Catrina rants a little bit about a Jar Jar internet bully.

Listen to it below!

You can also tune in on Soundcloud! Make sure to follow us on twitter and tumblr for more updates.

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