My First Disneybound: Captain Phasma

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Phew! It’s been a while since I cracked my blogging knuckles. I apologize — life has taken a few great turns, and I’ve decided to ride along with it. Today, though, I’m focusing on something that makes me utterly nervous: my first-ever Disneybound ensemble. I have some incredible friends who have made headlines for their creativity with these outfits, so it feels like I have quite a bit to live up to. For my first outfit, I wanted to go with my favorite now-Disney-owned franchise, Star Wars. As you know, I’m very unpredictable.

With that in mind, my continued and bafflingly unrelenting Captain Phasma obsession made its way into my plans, and I went with it. I’m not exactly happy with the turn-out, but hopefully one day, when I’ve coordinated much more impressive outfits for other events, I can look back on this with a sense of appreciation.

For those not familiar, a “Disneybound” is basically an outfit inspired by Disney properties and characters. It is not a costume — rather, it’s an arrangement of pieces inspired by certain elements or color themes found in its subject. Since both Lucasfilm and Marvel are owned by Disney, there’s a bit of leeway when it comes to what you can use for inspiration. For a better explanation, check out this helpful guide by my pal Sarah Snitch.

Anyway, on to the outfit!

Caught up with an old pal from my bounty hunting days #StarWars #BobaFett

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I found the dress at a thrift store and it immediately reminded me of the bold black on Phasma’s mask. While I could have gone with something shinier, this jersey knit high-low dress (paired with dark grey tights) was perfect for both the hot days and cold evenings that tend to happen during Southern California summers. I paired it with black flats (plus comfy insoles to last me for the day) and used a black H&M shoulder bag to carry my things around in.

As for my accessories, I went with mostly reflective “chrome” pieces, including a necklace resembling Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced from Hot Topic. To resemble the bold red on her cape, I found a cute flower crown and went with the “Captain Phasma but as a forest spirit” look.

Have you ever done a Disneybound before? I would love to see your posts for inspiration — and if you’re looking for some, The Nerdy Girlie has plenty of ideas for you to check out!

As promised, here’s that video…

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Review: Underoos are back, and better than ever!

It’s not exactly news that Underoos launched a line for adults over the past few years, but with new designs every season, their growing collection of throwback underwear sets are quickly becoming a staple of geek fashion. So, when they reached out to me for a review, I seriously could not say no. As a die-hard Star Wars fangirl, I’ve always loved Underoos’ creative and fun designs, even though I was born a little too late to experience the Underoos fad for kids when I was younger. But forget about that, because here I am, sitting in my R2-D2 Galaxy Set and loving it.

20150806_132039My set came in a Junior’s size large, and while it fits great, I do wish I’d asked for a size down (for reference, here’s the sizing chart, to help you make more conscious decisions than I did) — the underwear isn’t cut like a standard panty and is a little too big for me because I went with large. Still, it’s super comfy and snug, but not cut for sexiness, which is fine because I don’t think anyone buys Underoos for the purpose of seduction. I mean, I buy them for all the cartoon characters.

shot01I chose this set because I love the galaxy print, which ranges in different hues of blue. The print of Artoo is smooth, soft, and looks like it’s going to hold up for quite a few washes. But let’s be real: I love this set because R2-D2 is easily the most important character in the Star Wars universe, and probably the sole reason that the story has lasted this long anyway, making him one of the best characters in the franchise. Our favorite little droid’s name is printed on the underwear, just below the side of the hip.

Overall, I love this set. I’ve been sitting around and editing my podcast in it since I finished taking the 200 photos that didn’t make it into this blog post, and the fabric is so soft that I can’t help but take quick naps in between edits. Thanks a bunch to Underoos and Janet Cowan for this chance to review this cute little set! Now, if I might suggest a ladies’ Rebel Pilot set and the return of Hoth Leia, I think you all might have me sold for life. Heh heh heh! 

Do YOU want Underoos? Use this discount code to get $5 off of your order at checkout:


This only lasts until August 31st, 2015, so make sure you grab it now, and give @underoosbrand a follow on twitter while you’re at it!

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