Webseries Spotlight: Future Girl!

For a while, I’ve been involved with and observing the rapidly growing new media space, eagerly seeking out webseries projects by new creators with fresh ideas. YouTube, Vimeo, and other social video networks have empowered a wonderful and diverse new generation of filmmakers, and with the restrictions of a depressing economy, are facing challenges that their predecessors may never understand. It’s rare to find a project that speaks to you amongst the droves of new voices, but in Future Girl, I found just that.

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The secret to Future Girl‘s success just may be the delightful chemistry between the leads: Amy Dallen as Curie, Gina DeVivo as Em, and Heather Wood as Viking. It’s a quick pitch that relies on the cast as the heart of the show (as it should) which is what makes it a somewhat reminiscent of a 90’s sitcom modified for today, in bite-sized format. With the talents of co-creators Rick Budd and Nick Gilman, the show’s comedy hits a sweet spot with each new episode.
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The show features an impressive roster of guest stars, which include Phil Lamarr as Catman Scrothers, Tom Kenny as Sportscaster Skip-slash-The Robobot, and a few exciting YouTube personalities.

Watch the first episode of Future Girl here! You can subscribe to Amy Dallen’s YouTube channel for more episodes, follow them on twitter, and like their page on facebook as well to keep up with the latest news.

Note: I personally know very many people involved in this project, so if you suspect my opinion is bias, I guess the only way you’ll ever find out is if you watch the show! Har-har!
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Star Wars Legends — also known as the Expanded Universe — is an amazing collection of stories that came before what we know now as canon. For decades, these stories were powered by incredible writers and Star Wars fans under the watchful eye of Lucasfilm. So, on a week where there are no new Marvel Star Wars releases, it just seems appropriate to talk about the Legends of old and why they’re still so beloved within our fandom. Matt Moore and Jason Hamilton join our host Catrina Dennis, for a very special episode featuring messages from listeners like you!


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Opening Music: Star Wars Cantina Band (Electro Swing Remix) Jesse Rose – Fatman Vs. Noize Tank Remix

Star Wars is property of Disney and Lucasfilm; Star Wars comics are published under Marvel Comics; Star Wars Legends stories were originally published under Dark Horse Comics. This unofficial fan-run podcast claims no ownership over Star Wars stories or the characters that they feature. 
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A Very Sick Catrina Dennis chats STAR WARS #5 with Jonathan Baker and Chris McGuffin! Plus — we highlight our top 5 moments in the Marvel Star Wars comic stories so far, and talk about DARK EMPIRE, our Expanded Universe Recommendation for the week, for comics that you can pick up on the Marvel Unlimited app today!

Happy Anniversary, A New Hope! May the Force be with you!


Right-click to download the episode here! You can also listen on iTunes and Stitcher!

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Opening Music: Star Wars Cantina Band (Electro Swing Remix) Jesse Rose – Fatman Vs. Noize Tank Remix

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It’s a DARTH VADER SPECIAL this week on the show! We discuss Marvel’s Darth Vader #5 with Elaine Tveit (Dork Side of the Force) and Adonis Gonzales (MoviePilot), look back on the best Vader comics, and Catrina gets mushy about what Vader’s journey means to her.


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Catch up with Adonis on Moviepilot, and follow him on twitter here.

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Tune in next week for STAR WARS #5, out now!

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5 Fandom Friday: 2015 Fandom Resolutions

The new year is upon us, and I have a lot on my to-do list! This year will see a lot more productivity on my part (I hope) on various platforms. I want to accomplish things this year, and get back into my old hobbies. Along with the ladies at Female Geek Bloggers, I decided to hop in with those promises, since they’re a lot easier to keep.


blog1I’d really like to kick off my first novel this year, and I already have a basic outline done – so inspiration is important! It’ll be a space opera, and while the genre seems limited, I’m determined to find great books to take me off into the stars again. This is also just a really great reason to read more this year. If anyone has some great recommendations, I’d love to read them!


blog2It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched Arrow. Actually, I’m way behind on virtually every show DC aired this past year, and that’s a crying shame. While Gotham never really captured my fancy, I love Arrow and The Flash. I really want to give Constantine a chance, too. Marathons shall be had before the new seasons air!


blog3It’s been a while since I’ve made a new costume, and while I’ve definitely fallen out of the hobby a bit, it’s always lots of fun to wear a costume at conventions. For most of the year, I’m working at cons and don’t really have the time or capacity to cosplay; I’m hoping that this year gives me a little more time to have fun on the side! As far as which dream costumes occur, I have a small list – Leia’s Cloud City outfit and Capcom’s Son Son are two of my more do-able dream costumes.



I’ve been struggling to come up with vlog ideas, but since I got to much positive feedback on my latest vlog, I think focusing on a particular subject is going to help me produce more great content – so, of course, Star Wars was the immediate go-to. I’m very comfortable talking about the fandom and lore, so expect more videos from me soon!



I have a good excuse for not gaming, and it’s because I’ve not had access to a console for months. I’m planning on changing that by grabbing a PS4 soon, and getting more games for my 3DS. I’m super excited about my incoming PS4, not only because of the PS4 games I’m excited to play, but the indie games offered in the PSN Store. I’ve played a lot thanks to Sarah, including Velocity (which I LOVE) and Chariot (which will destroy your relationships, and is great), so I’m really excited!


There are plenty of other things that I could list, but I think these promises are definitely the type I can hold up. What are you resolving to accomplish this year?

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