5 Fandom Friday: Smartphone Apps I Can’t Live Without

As a writer, having a great smartphone with useful apps is extremely important to me – but let’s be real, I use my phone for a lot more than that! In tune with the Female Geek Bloggers group, here are my favorite apps for Android! I have a Galaxy s5, just for context.


Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.03.26 AM

Pretty obvious, this one. Twitter is extremely important to me: not only is it where my strongest and most supportive audience frequents, but it’s also somehow become a great way to get in touch with old friends. I’ve personally connected with more people over Twitter than any other social network, so I’m on a ton. I’m also a hashtag hound in a way – when I need ideas, or want to keep up with news, I follow hashtags alongside the news to make sure I’m reading first-hand reports. It’s hard to sift through sometimes, but I love it.

Sailor Dash


I don’t really play a lot of mobile games – I really liked Tiny Death Star and Dumb Ways to Die, but as far as being an expert on the mobile platform goes, I’m far from one. But I’m trying! So when I ran across a mention of Sailor Dash on my twitter feed (see? Useful), I had to try it out. The app hasn’t updated with new scouts in a while, but I loved it so much that I reviewed it, and I still play it to this day – after almost two months of playing! Check it out here. It’s a super-fun side scroller, and the developer M-TAKE has also made run games for both Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.



While it doesn’t carry half of my favorite songs, Spotify is my top pick when it comes to discovering new music and organizing great playlists. It’s one of the more popular apps, and though I have a TON of gripes about region locking on it, I use it every day. You can check out my playlists here!

 Feedly / Bloglovin’


I couldn’t really chose between these two, since I use them both just as frequently. Feedly, like Bloglovin’, is an app where you can add in the feeds of websites and blogs that you enjoy. I like both of them equally, though Feedly’s design is much more comprehensive. You can organize the sites/blogs you follow on lists – it’s strange, I guess, but I use them both because I prefer keeping my news on Feedly, and my blogs/favorite artists and crafters on Bloglovin’.

Play Books


As a huge fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, I’ve been looking to re-read a lot of the titles. But it’s hard finding complete collections IRL, especially on a budget — cue Play Books! They have almost all of the EU and all of the new Star Wars books as well, including A New Dawn (which stars Kana and Hera from Star Wars Rebels). There’s a HUGE collection of stories – and an incredible selection of scifi, fantasy, and adventure titles to choose from!

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Playlist: New York City Heart

I’m about to travel again, which means it’s time for another playlist! This time around, it’s all about the city that stole my heart: New York, New York.

I’m headed east for New York Comic Con and a short stay next week. I’m ecstatic! It’s been over three years since I last set foot in NYC, and that’s far too long for anyone to be away from it in my opinion. This city took me in and helped me grow up in a very, very short amount of time, when I really needed it. I learned almost all of the lessons that have so far benefitted me as an adult while I was living in Brooklyn. I learned to be confident, headstrong, and goal-driven: qualities that are required for survival in the big city. That’s probably a little daunting, sure, but I always thought of it as a challenge.

NYC is like the parent that gives you almost all the tools you need to succeed in life and says, “do what you want with this.”

This playlist examines my favorite things about NYC: The commute, the freedom, the weather (seasons!) the individuality, the adventure and the immediate hometown feeling of the city I once called home. The playlist features several different artists that led music revivals and movements in NYC, along with songs about the city, and songs that I feel reflect the city very well.

In related news: I’m going to New York Comic-Con, everybody! I’ll be there on behalf of Moviepilot, hitting the con floor to cover all of the action over the weekend. I’m also part of a wonderful panel on Sunday called Women in Geek Media: Supergirls on a Mission, which is a panel comprised of successful young women from several areas of geek media (journalism, animation, production) who will share their stories, challenges, victories, and advice for up-and-coming creators. It’s on Sunday the 12th at 4:15PM in room 1A1B.


Is there a city that holds your heart? I’d love to know about everyone’s experiences in NYC or their favorite city, so let’s get mushy about it in the comments!

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