Episode 18: A Name Change, Feelings, and the Future

Shattered Empire, Team Kanan feelings, and Chewbacca’s narration are just some of the highlights of our all-new episode of the show that used to be called Mos Eisley Comicport! With a name change — Comics in the Cantina — and a new guest host (this episode: Blair Beveridge, host of Webisode Watch) every episode, host Catrina Dennis is now navigating the Star Destroyer-sized amount of information that the Star Wars comics are doling out.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Shattered Empire #3
  • Kanan #6
  • Chewbacca #1

… and much, much more!

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KANAN #1 – Mos Eisley Comic Port – Episode 002

Episode 2 has arrived, if a little super-duper late! This episode is all about KANAN #1, with Johnamarie Macias from TheWookieeGunner and Jeremy Konrad from Bleeding Cool! Kelsey Marquart from StreamFriends and Nerdy But Flirty also joins us for a dramatic reading of Princess Leia #1, and Catrina rants a little bit about a Jar Jar internet bully.

Listen to it below!

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