DO WANT: Sphero’s Force Band

Every once in a while, a piece of tech meshes with my most nerdy obsessions, and my wallet cries — prematurely. This is one of those moments. 

After obsessing over the Sphere BB-8 to the point where I was practically The Worst Kid On Christmas about when I’d get it, I’ve had non-stop fun with my little droid, and it has quickly become a part of the family. From delighting my cat and little kids at the office to racing it against other BB-8 owners (VERY fun, by the way), I’ve gotten everything I paid for and more. 

Now, first debuted at CES, Sphero has unveiled its latest addition to my budget: The Force Band. 

One of the biggest selling points of Sphero’s BB-8, for me, was how intuitive and reactive it was. While it’s a galaxy far, far away from the AI capabilities of it’s on-screen inspiration, BB-8 still serves up hours of fun. But now, with the Force Band, Sphero has gotten just a step closer. 

With hand gestures, users will be able to control BB-8 in a more natural manner, making the droid react in ways that seem authentic outwardly and bring it to life that much more. While I haven’t gotten my grubby paws on it yet, the folks over at The Verge have, and their rundown of its capabilities had me bouncing in my chair from excitement: 

Here’s how the Force Band works, at least in its current state. Resting your hand to your side enters driving mode. With your palm down, Sphero looks away from you; with your palm up it looks toward you. Spin in place, and BB-8 spins with you. The direction also dictates where it drives, and the rolling speed is at least somewhat affected by your hand’s elevation. Waving your hand in place will enter a gesture mode — the only one that worked for me was a nod “yes” when we did a quick right jab — and then putting your hand back down re-engages driving mode.

The Force Band has no price or official release date, though right now, it looks like you should budget for Fall 2016 — which means we’re probably looking at another Force Friday release! Until then, make sure you keep BB-8 up to date, and may the Force be with you!

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Confessions of a Blogger

Megan Gotch, founder of The Nerdy Girlie and co-founder of the extremely awesome Female Geek Bloggers group issued a link-up challenge to her fellow bloggers in the form of #BloggerConfessions – so of course I grabbed at that! I’ve honestly been at a loss when it comes to blogging recently (work and prepping for NYCC and Comikaze obligations have really set me back on everything else) so I’m slightly relieved that I have something to flex my fingers with.

This post is probably going to make me look way insecure, but in all honesty, this feels more like I’m confronting the problems I experience as a new blogger and finally figuring out how to solve them. So without further adieu, here we go!


Work has been nothing short of completely insane as of late, and because of that, I’m scrambling to prepare for two cons and a cross-country trip. Granted, I’m not complaining – any career path requires determination and lots of work. But because of these plus the mountain of things I generally do on a daily basis, it’s always hard for me to stick to a blogging schedule. I worry about losing my readers because I don’t update more than once a week, so I’m working on sticking to a more solid schedule, where posts won’t sporadically pop up every few weeks. Promise!

4My roots are in journalism, and I work full-time as an entertainment journalist. I’m used to reporting stories, analyzing episodes or spoilers, and interviewing people who are much, much cooler than I am. That said, I very often catch myself using language that’s more reporter than blogger, and it makes me wonder if my posts aren’t packed with enough actual personality sometimes. Again, a work in progress!

3My friends put up with me posting trailers and gushing over comics on a daily basis, so I am constantly on top of how much I promote, where I promote, and who sees it. I haven’t really defined a target audience to myself just yet, so I’m hoping that as I continue to build this blog, I can single out the types of people that would want to see what I’m sayin’.

2Note: I particularly enjoy this photo because it looks like a high school PSA. Hehehehe.

With the general stress of a busy (but productive and fun!) life, I tend to go out of my way to avoid situations that would involve me feeling anxiety. There are tons of things I’d love to talk about, but often I find that I don’t know how to say it, or I’m worried about getting into big internet fights. INTERNET FIGHTS! I dislike those a ton – a conversation, sure, but actual fights stress the crap out of me. I want to be more bold and write culture pieces on the problems within the geek community, but up until now, I’ve been too cautious of the things I say. Within the next few blog posts, though, that’s going to change. ;)

1This plays pretty heavily into my point on promotions: if I don’t know what my main subject is, how do I find the audience that wants it? It would be easy to make this a gaming blog, or a fashion blog, or a culture blog… but I want to be all of those. I want to be able to broadly cover several aspects of the nerdy lifestyle, but sometimes i worry about the messaging I send out to promote that and how people perceive it. Since I don’t see myself singling out a primary topic anytime soon, I plan on just working harder to make my blog posts strong, fun, and interactive.

What are your blogger confessions? Check out Meg’s blog post to link-up and send me your link in the comments! <3

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