Five Lady-Centric Podcasts for a Geeky Week

I wasn’t much of a podcast listener until last year, when, at the end of the fall TV season, I’d run out of things to watch on Hulu/Netflix during my daily commute. I was instantly hooked on bigger shows like Girl on Guy and Comedy Bang! Bang! — but it would take me another few months to catch on to smaller shows. There are a ton of great geeky podcasts out there that showcase some of the coolest voices in fandom, and outside of comedy podcasts, those are my favorite types of shows. Here are five of my favorites, led by some particularly awesome ladies:


Fangirls Going Rogue

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.08.23 AM

There are some amazing Star Wars podcasts out there (ForceCast, Idiot’s Array, Coffee With Kenobi, Now This Is Podcasting, and seriously about 50 more) but this podcast focuses on the ladies of the Star Wars fandom, and the hosts’ enthusiasm practically radiates through your headphones when you listen. With awesome exclusive interviews, con guides, character spotlights and their signature #fangirlflail, Fangirls Going Rogue is the quintessential podcast for the unapologetically enthusiastic Star Wars fanatic.

Fake Goth Girls


Mia Moore and Liz Leslie discuss the latest in geek news with a sassy twist! The hosts have such incredible chemistry, and it’s great to listen to two best friends as they shoot the shit in a lighthearted, fun way. They somehow manage to go from talking about their latest netflix marathon to discussing world issues in easy, seamless swoops, so if you want a laid-back podcast with fun geeky discussion, check this one out!

plzRT Podcast


Pop Culture meets savvy city girls with April Salud and Heather Mason. These ladies bring on some of the coolest guests to discuss what’s poppin’ in Hollywood and the internet wasteland, from indie film projects to breakout new bands and just generally awesome people. This podcast is awesome for anyone who’s looking for fresh new entertainment and the bragging rights of knowing bands, actors, and producers “before they were big”.

Women of Marvel

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.29.20 AM

Hosted by Adri Cowan, Judy Stephens, Sana Amanat, and Emily Shaw, the Women of Marvel podcast gives a platform to the many women behind the company’s success and their take on the constantly changing world of comics. While this is very distinctly focused on Marvel (obviously) there’s so much great information in every episode about how things work behind the scenes at one of the most popular comic publishers of all time. If you’re an aspiring comic creator, a Marvel fangirl, or just curious about the ins and outs of comics, tune in!

Electric Sistahood


Pandalicious and NinjaSistah run one of the most hilarious video game podcasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Along with their in-depth looks at new games, events in gaming, and popular nerd news, these ladies fearlessly take on issues within fandom in a unique way that’s sure to keep you tuning in on the weekly.

Bonus: Woman Up! Podcast


I’d be remiss not to mention the podcast I co-host with SarahtheRebel, Woman Up! Podcast, where we talk geek news and get passionate about our nerdy fandoms. Check us out every other week, live on twitch!

What are your favorite lady-centric podcasts to listen to? I’m always looking for more! Let me know below in the comments.

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5 Fandom Friday: 2015 Fandom Resolutions

The new year is upon us, and I have a lot on my to-do list! This year will see a lot more productivity on my part (I hope) on various platforms. I want to accomplish things this year, and get back into my old hobbies. Along with the ladies at Female Geek Bloggers, I decided to hop in with those promises, since they’re a lot easier to keep.


blog1I’d really like to kick off my first novel this year, and I already have a basic outline done – so inspiration is important! It’ll be a space opera, and while the genre seems limited, I’m determined to find great books to take me off into the stars again. This is also just a really great reason to read more this year. If anyone has some great recommendations, I’d love to read them!


blog2It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched Arrow. Actually, I’m way behind on virtually every show DC aired this past year, and that’s a crying shame. While Gotham never really captured my fancy, I love Arrow and The Flash. I really want to give Constantine a chance, too. Marathons shall be had before the new seasons air!


blog3It’s been a while since I’ve made a new costume, and while I’ve definitely fallen out of the hobby a bit, it’s always lots of fun to wear a costume at conventions. For most of the year, I’m working at cons and don’t really have the time or capacity to cosplay; I’m hoping that this year gives me a little more time to have fun on the side! As far as which dream costumes occur, I have a small list – Leia’s Cloud City outfit and Capcom’s Son Son are two of my more do-able dream costumes.



I’ve been struggling to come up with vlog ideas, but since I got to much positive feedback on my latest vlog, I think focusing on a particular subject is going to help me produce more great content – so, of course, Star Wars was the immediate go-to. I’m very comfortable talking about the fandom and lore, so expect more videos from me soon!



I have a good excuse for not gaming, and it’s because I’ve not had access to a console for months. I’m planning on changing that by grabbing a PS4 soon, and getting more games for my 3DS. I’m super excited about my incoming PS4, not only because of the PS4 games I’m excited to play, but the indie games offered in the PSN Store. I’ve played a lot thanks to Sarah, including Velocity (which I LOVE) and Chariot (which will destroy your relationships, and is great), so I’m really excited!


There are plenty of other things that I could list, but I think these promises are definitely the type I can hold up. What are you resolving to accomplish this year?

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Unboxing + Review: Disney Infinity Starter Pack

Disney Infinity is all at once a creative landscape builder, near-direct Skylanders concept ripoff, and probably one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had playing a video game. The game features a playable mode for “playsets”, which are worlds built around settings from various Disney films and cartoons. In most playsets, you help characters within the setting achieve a task, retrieve an object, or take down bad guys within the playset. The other half of the game is the Toy Box feature, where players can use pieces collected to build their own unique playsets and invite others to come play.

posted on nerdreactor‘s YouTube channel on 8/27/2013 – article on nerdreactor’s site. 

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Identifying the common troll: The Xbox One’s reputation system in a nutshell

originally written for nerdreactor on 8/6/2013.


Last week, Xbox Live program manager Michael Dunn released news of the Xbox One’s new reputation system, another installment in the series of updates leading up to the One’s second conference at GamesCom 2013. Titled, “No More Cheats or Jerks,” the blog details the system that will help gamers filter out the types of players they play with by reputation. This is great news for almost anyone who has ever played Call of Duty or Halo, especially those of us with feminine gamertags.


Read more at nerdreactor! 

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