Webseries Spotlight: Future Girl!


For a while, I’ve been involved with and observing the rapidly growing new media space, eagerly seeking out webseries projects by new creators with fresh ideas. YouTube, Vimeo, and other social video networks have empowered a wonderful and diverse new generation of filmmakers, and with the restrictions of a depressing economy, are facing challenges that their predecessors may never understand. It’s rare to find a project that speaks to you amongst the droves of new voices, but in Future Girl, I found just that.

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The secret to Future Girl‘s success just may be the delightful chemistry between the leads: Amy Dallen as Curie, Gina DeVivo as Em, and Heather Wood as Viking. It’s a quick pitch that relies on the cast as the heart of the show (as it should) which is what makes it a somewhat reminiscent of a 90’s sitcom modified for today, in bite-sized format. With the talents of co-creators Rick Budd and Nick Gilman, the show’s comedy hits a sweet spot with each new episode.
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The show features an impressive roster of guest stars, which include Phil Lamarr as Catman Scrothers, Tom Kenny as Sportscaster Skip-slash-The Robobot, and a few exciting YouTube personalities.

Watch the first episode of Future Girl here! You can subscribe to Amy Dallen’s YouTube channel for more episodes, follow them on twitter, and like their page on facebook as well to keep up with the latest news.

Note: I personally know very many people involved in this project, so if you suspect my opinion is bias, I guess the only way you’ll ever find out is if you watch the show! Har-har!

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