From on-camera work to comic creation, Catrina’s work in creative production began with a love for vlogging and blogging as she documented her life as a fangirl in the big city. Catrina has written and helped produced several different film projects, including short videos for Geek & Sundry, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, Assorted Gaming networks, and more. She has hosted numerous podcasts in the past, including Woman Up! with author Sarah Rodriguez and Hangin’ with Team Kanan, co-hosted alongside fellow writers Johnamarie Macias and Jeremy Konrad. Catrina is the host of Force Fangirl, a short-form live Star Wars talk show, and is the creator of the ongoing sci-fi webtoon Treasure in the Core.



Catrina has over half a decade of work in entertainment journalism, as well as a background in hosting live broadcasts and events. Her love for all things pop culture (along with a minor at NYU in broadcast journalism) fueled her (still-growing) career as a writer for sites like GamerHub.TV, GameSkinny, and Geek & Sundry. With GamerHub, Catrina served as a content producer and host for various segments on the company’s YouTube channel. Catrina joined the Moviepilot team from 2013-2015 as a senior editor and content creator, interviewing some of the industry’s top talent and writing editorials for Moviepilot’s daily site, as well as it’s quarterly digital magazine. She also served as a panel moderator for the companys various convention talks, and mot notably led a special Q and A session with actor Mark Hamill for an exclusive LA screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service. Catrina’s freelance bylines can be found (some ongoing) on sites like Syfy, Inverse, The Wrap, and StarWars.com. Check out Catrina’s hosting reel below:



Catrina began her career in social media management and digital marketing while studying marketing at New York University. Her earliest work included creative development behind Ariana Grande’s ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ social media campaign. She worked on several accounts as a social media coordinator at Black Sheep Social Media Group before moving on to Geek & Sundry, where she served as the Social Media and Community Manager for three years.

During her time at Geek & Sundry, Catrina created social and digital marketing campaigns for the company’ various shows, including Spooked, Caper, TableTop, and Spellslingers. Her work on Spellslingers earned her an IAWTV Award Nomination, and her campaign for TableTop‘s crowdfunded third season contributed to its record-breaking Indiegogo success.

She went on to work at BLT Communications, doing agency-based management work on several different accounts. Catrina created content calendars and supplied social copywriting for shows like Saban’s Power Rangers and Amazon’s Award-Winning Mozart in the Jungle.

Catrina is currently the Social Media and Community Manager at Wizard World Comic Con.


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